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TWC (AUST) Pty. LIMITED are Management and Information Technology Consultants specialising in major projects, including the "Outsourcing" of Information Technology requirements and the acquisition of equipment, software and services. Our main role is to assist clients through the acquisition process from investigating needs and options, determining strategy, specifying requirements, calling for and evaluating proposals, determining performance requirements, negotiating contracts, preparing the business case and managing implementation and contract performance.

We are based in Australia and have taken project management responsibility, for all phases, in a wide range of business application systems. Our project managers are skilled in the development and implementation of large scale Information Technology (IT) projects, particularly in the transport industry and public sector. We have the ability to correlate business issues with technical solutions, and work with executive management, tactical level management, front line business staff and technicians, to conduct projects that deliver substantial business benefits.

TWC (AUST) Pty. LIMITED are experienced in providing advice to management on technical issues and maintaining industrial relations liaison between management and unions.

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